About us

FABER has published children’s books since 1929. T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and Ted Hughes’ The Iron Man were amongst the first. Our catalogue at the time said that ‘it is by reading such books that children learn the difference between the shoddy and the genuine’. We still believe in the power of reading to transform children’s lives. All our books are chosen with the express intention of growing a love of reading, a thirst for knowledge and to cultivate empathy. We pride ourselves on responsible editing. Last but not least, we believe in kind and inclusive books in which all children feel represented and important.

We promise: 

  • To publish inspiring books that grow a love of reading, knowledge and empathy.
  • To publish books that deliver on their package and promise, and have been selected, edited and illustrated responsibly.
  • To publish relevant, kind and inclusive stories, in which all children feel represented and important.
  • We will use fonts that are accessible to reluctant or struggling readers.

For our full list of books please either go to the Faber website or have a look through our latest catalogue

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