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Eoin McLaughlin & Polly Dunbar

Eoin and Polly have created a clever and lovable picture book, The Hug. Both hedgehog and tortoise are both looking for a hug, but no one will hug them. That is until they find each other!

They also created a new story inspired by social distancing, featuring both Hedgehog and Tortoise, it’s called: While We Can’t Hug

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The Hug

Hedgehog was feeling sad.
As sad as a hedgehog can feel.
So sad only one thing could help . . .

Tortoise was feeling sad.
As sad as a tortoise can feel.
So sad only one thing could help . . .

In this clever flipbook, both a hedgehog and a tortoise are looking for a hug. They ask all the other animals they come across but for some reason no one will hug them. Until a wise owl explains: Hedgehog is too spiky; Tortoise is too bony. And that’s when they find each other!

While We Can’t Hug

Hedgehog and Tortoise were the best of friends.
They wanted to give each other a great, big hug.
But they weren’t allowed to touch.

“Don’t worry,” said Owl. “There are lots of ways to show someone you love them.”

So the two friends wave to each other, blow kisses, sing songs, dance around and write letters. And even though they can’t hug and they can’t touch, they both know that they are loved.

A gorgeous, uplifting, inspiring picture book that makes social distancing fun!

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