Authors: 5–9

Francesca Simon and Steve May

Francesca Simon and Steve May are the team behind the brilliant and hilarious Two Terrible Vikings!

Francesca Simon is the globally bestselling author of Horrid Henry, the Costa-shortlisted The Monstrous Child and hilarious picture books.

Steve May is the brilliant illustrator who has illustrated books by Jeremy Strong, Philip Reeve, Harry Hill and Phil Earle, as well as the Dennis the Menace series.


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2 books

Two Terrible Vikings

What if your parents WANTED you to behave badly?

Set in the snowy fjords of a Viking kingdom, the terrible twins, Hack and Whack, are proud to be the best worst vikings. Nothing stops the marauding pair as they steal boats, loot a birthday party, track a troll and sail off to raid Bad Island with their friends Twisty Pants and Dirty Ulf.

Well, almost nothing . . .

Two Terrible Vikings: Grunt the Berserker

The world’s very worst Vikings are back to dash our hopes and fail our expectations!

It’s not easy being the WORST at everything!

Hack and Whack are the very worst Vikings in the village – until a fierce and stinky berserker moves in – NEXT DOOR!

WILL the brand new school help the twins outwit this villain and his vicious dog, Muddy Butt? And will Twisty Pants, Dirty Ulf and Elsa Gold-Hair help vanquish this foul fiend?

‘As joyously anarchic as Horrid Henry.’ Cressida Cowell
‘A great new series for early readers.’ BookTrust
‘A wonderfully absurd, anarchic romp.’ Sarah McIntyre
‘Immensely appealing to children of five and up.’ Literary Review

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