Authors: 9–12

Kieran Larwood & Sam Usher

Kieran Larwood was born in Kenya. He moved to the UK when he was two and lived in various places before settling on the Isle of Wight, where he can still be found: exploring rockpools, climbing trees and writing – slowly disappearing behind a mountain of notebooks and empty coffee mugs. He has done a wide range of jobs, including being an archery instructor and working the night shift in a cake factory (which was nowhere near as much fun as it sounds). He taught Reception class in a primary school for fifteen long years before finally escaping to become a full-time author. Kieran’s books have won several awards, including the Blue Peter Best Story and the Prix Sorcières. He is inspired by a life-long love of fantasy stories, which all began when – as a young boy – he picked up a copy of The Hobbit and saw the map inside. It just goes to show – you never know where opening a book will lead . . .

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Sam Usher is a multi award-winning illustrator. His books include the Seasons series, The Birthday DuckThe Most-Loved Bear and The Umbrella Mouse. Also a talented pianist, when he’s not scribbling you’ll find him perfecting a fiendishly difficult Chopin piece.

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Carnival of the Lost

A wonderfully murky, carnivalesque world of intrigue, unexpected friendships and mysteries solved.

Sheba the wolf girl joins an unusual troupe of performers that includes Pyewacket, a witch’s imp; Gigantus the giant and Sister Moon, a knife thrower. For the first time in her life she feels she might make true friends, and learn a real stage craft. But soon that’s not all she has to think about. . .

Children are being sucked into the Thames and there have been strange sightings of a mechanical monster. The carnival troupe know first-hand that looks only tell half a story – they become determined to find these forgotten children. Perhaps they will unravel the mystery that has defied even the law!

Illustrated with black and white artwork from superstar illustrator, Sam Usher, and the first in a brand new series!

‘Thrilling, original, full of zest and wit.’ The London Times
‘An atmospheric and exciting read.’ BookTrust
‘A page-turning adventure.’ The Daily Mirror

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