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Ross Montgomery & David Litchfield

Ross and David are the author and illustrator team of two epic, heartwarming and beautiful picture books, The Building Boy and Space Tortoise.

In The Building Boy, unable to accept his grandma is gone, the boy builds a structure which comes to life! 

In Space Tortoise, tortoise needs to get to the top of the sky to meet the other animals, but how can he do it?

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2 books

The Building Boy

All at once, it was as if the stars leapt closer.
Grandma grabbed the boy, raising him high above the rooftiles on her head.
She was alive!

The boy’s grandma was a famous architect. Her garden is still full of old building materials. Unwilling to accept she has gone, the boy builds a giant structure from the bricks and girders he finds. And then . . . Grandma comes to life! The boy is whisked away on an epic adventure across fields, through oceans and atop roofs. But where is Grandma taking him?

Space Tortoise

A beautiful, moving and heartwarming tale about bravery, kindness and welcoming strangers, from the team behind The Building Boy.

Once, in an old rusty bin in an old rusty playground in an old empty park . . . there lived a little tortoise.

But Tortoise is lonely. He’s never seen any other tortoises, and wonders where they could all be hiding. Then, one day, he looks up and the night sky, and sees a million blinking lights winking at him. “That must be where the other tortoises are – at the top of the sky! I wish I could join them.” 
But how can a little tortoise get to the top of the sky? And so begins a magical journey . . .




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